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Thom Bronneberg (1984) is in 2011 afgestudeerd aan de Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam als grafisch ontwerper. Als ontwerper begeeft hij zich op verschillende vlakken binnen het ontwerpgebied. 

Thom Bronneberg

Is a graphic designer, based in Rotterdam (the netherlands), who works on self-initiated and commissioned design projects. His main field of interest focuses on the relationship between typography, illustration and material. While he enjoys his creative endeavours as an individual artist, he also draws inspiration from collaborating with others.

Freelance &

Project99, Amsterdam 
2012 - Freelance
Restyling and upholstering designer chairs

Mesh Print Club, Rotterdam 
2013 - Volunteer


Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam
2007 - 2011 
HBO Graphic Design - Cultural Diversity

Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht, Utrecht
2002 - 2007
MBO Graphic Design - Styling and Trends 


Oona, Rotterdam 
2013 - 2 months
Graphic Design

Project99, Amsterdam 
2011 - 3 months
Restyling and upholstering designer chairs

Studio Dumbar, Rotterdam 
2010 - 3 months 
Graphic Design

Stretta, Utrecht
2007 - 3 months 
Graphic Design

Smart Promotion, Aruba (Dutch Antilles)
2006 -  9 months 
Graphic Design and Billboard advertising

De Groot Ontwerpers, Utrecht 
2006 -  3 months 
Graphic Design